The Drimia maritima, commonly known as the White Squill, is a native of Africa. This exhibition piece has drama, and does well in high visibility locations, and is a perfect solution for non-irrigated properties. It is primarily grown for cut flower production.

The bulb slits dichotomously forming two bulbs for each one. When unearthed, the bulb exposes a heavy husk of dead skin, which provides protection from the heat. The plant produces 12-18″ long leaves of glaucus blue-green strap-shaped leaves, emerging in late fall through late spring. The leaves will senesce in late spring and the flowering stalk will appear from the bulb, similar to a Naked Lady or Amaryllis belladonna. It produces a tall, narrow raceme of silky white flowers and has six tepals each with a dark stripe down the middle.

Plants will flower in three years. Each plant produces one bloom when the bulb goes dormant, typically in August or September. The flower lasts up to three weeks and will rebloom each summer.

Small bulbs, up to 3 inches in diameter, are ideal for plant sales in one gallon pots.
Medium size bulbs, 3.5 to 6 inches in diameter, are for planting in the ground or in a 12-inch pot.
Large size bulbs, 6 to 8 inches in diameter, are ideal for retail sale in larger pots.

There is a minimum purchase of 100 bulbs. FOB Central Valley of California. Pricing upon request.