Ah Fall, the Season for planting your Spring bulbs.  Gardeners, and squirrels, look forward to it all year long.SquirrelFamilyCrop

When planting  your bulbs this Fall, avoid the rodents by following these time-tested solutions! A small investment of time and materials will protect your dream of a bright and colorful Spring garden.

1. WIRE MESH Either make a cage surrounding the bulbs or plant bulbs under a wire mesh layer. You’ll have to secure it to keep it in place then cover with mulch.  If the squirrels dig, the mesh will prevent them from eating the bulbs.

2. SHRAP GRAVEL Surround the bulb with sharp edged gravel to deter digging.

3. GET HOT Garden Some gardeners swear to the effective use of red pepper flakes mixed in the soil around, and over, the bulbs. If you need to use a chemical repellent, do your homework and find the most environmentally-friendly product available.

4. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Remove all planting debris from the scene of the planting.

5. FEED THE SQUIRRELS Find an alternative planting area away from your bulbs. Make it easy for them to satisfy their craving on spent bulbs or other material.