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Scientific Name: Macrophylla
Common Name :  ‘Together’ Bigleaf Hydrangea Blooms : Spring/Summer/Fall Exposure : Sun-Part Shade Size: 24 – 36 inches Blooms on old and new wood

Strong stems support dainty heavily-doubled flowers, almost resembling a ball of tiny roses. The new petals, appearing lighter in tone, give each little flower a pale eye. The color can range from deep pink to lilac purple, depending on soil acidity. When cold weather begins, they stain a deep red providing another season of color.


Series Name: Helleborus Winter Magic(tm)
Common Name : ‘Candy Love’ Blooms :  Late Winter Sun:  Part Shade Size: 12 – 15 inches Zone: 3-9

Large single flowers begin blooming in late winter. Starting off cream colored, they mature first to shell pink, then gather hints of green and finally end up a dusty chocolate. This Hellebore has flowers that hold their heads up proudly, displaying their blooms in various stages of color.

Japanese Anemones

Series Name: Anemone Fantasy (TM)
Common Name :  ‘Red Riding Hood’ Blooms : Late Summer through Fall Exposure : Sun Size: 12 – 18 inches Zones: 5-8

‘Red Riding Hood’ is the latest compact Anemone in the Fantasy(TM) series from Plants Nouveau. It has a single flower in shades of dark, reddish pink, with frilly yellow eyes, all the better to ‘wow’ you!

See also the ‘Honorine Jobert’ with lovely single snow-white flowers with tinged pink backs and a striking yellow center, as well as the Anemone Fantasy(TM) ‘Pocahontas’ a dwarf plant with frilly double pink flowers that grow in clumps.